(42 Liters)


Wild Things bags have been to the ends of the earth and back. The simplicity, durability and performance in the harshest of traveling conditions, has made these the bags of choice for climbers, adv...

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Goat Duffel
(57 Liters)


Haul your gear to remote locals in this durable, highly water resistant duffel. Sized between our Burro Duffel and our Carry-On-Duffel, this bag is also made from a single piece of Ballistic Nylon ...

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Burro Duffel
(106 Liters)


The Wild Things Burro Duffel Bag is smaller than our Mule bag and is perfect size for airline travel. Highly water resistant and made from a single piece of Ballistic Nylon, this duffel will protec...

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Mule Duffel
(144 Liters)


Our largest duffel bag at 144 Liters, the Wild Things Mule Duffel Bag is the most practical piece of expedition gear we make.  On yaks in Kumjung, mules in Huaraz, porters on the Baltaro, in Yosemi...

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Guide Pack


The Wild Things Guide Pack is designed for technical alpine climbing when you are carrying the bare minimum. It holds an insulated jacket, a pair of insulated pants, a hard shell jacket, bivy sack,...

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Andinista Pack


This style is available in our catalog but out of stock on this website currently

The combination of lightweight, durable materials and intelligent design has made the Wild Things Andinista climbing pack the premier, most sought-after alpine mountaineering pack in the world. No ...

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