Born in the East

The mission is simple: help folks like you drink in the outdoor experience in just the right gear, no matter what drives you. Wild Things began on the East Coast by making custom gear for climbers, and now with an inventive approach to integrating design and technology, we've once again put you in control of the gear you buy from us – all for the purpose of getting you outside in gear customized to your specifications, quickly and at a reasonable price.

A rich heritage

Founded in 1981 by two accomplished alpinists, John Bouchard and Marie Meunier, in the shadow of Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, Wild Things began building custom gear for the east coast alpine community. Custom gear is in our DNA. Three decades of alpine experiences—elation, misery, epics and near misses go into the design of every piece of gear we make. We are a leading designer and supplier of outdoor clothing systems for the U.S. Military, and our products are currently in the field with every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.

High Quality, USA Built Technical Outerwear

Wild Things makes gear for people who are climbers, bikers, campers, hikers, soldiers, and, well, just about anyone living, playing or working in the outdoors. We design and build gear to the highest standards of performance, function, and durability with a style that is entirely your own. We build with integrity and willingly trade convention for innovation.

Customized Gear Delivered to you within days

We know that every climb, ascent, descent, trail run, hike, or bike is as unique as the people who wear our gear, so we put our customers in control of the products they buy from us. Always bold, simple and light, we provide you with tested, proven features, materials, fabrics and trims, and the tools to let you combine them as you see fit. You pick, choose, swap, share, and decide, and we build your product to order, to your specifications, putting it in your hands within days, not months.


The sharp twinge of an ice-cold breath at altitude. The joy of a clear night sky bursting with stars. Cool granite on your palms. Fresh tracks. Good ice. A packed tram full of adrenaline and anticipation. 

These are the WildVibes, and we share them with good friends, tasty beer, and great gear.

We are located in Newport, RI. We are skiers, hikers, climbers, sailors, bikers, hunters and soldiers among other things. We live outside, up high or down low.