Wildthingsgear.com new and improved

Well, if you're reading this post, you've seen it. You will note the light site. Year's ago we got saddled with a darkish site, which was fine for the time, but if light is right, bright is better. More importantly, we've listened to our customers and made some improvements.

Meaningful product search

Online you can't walk in and ask an employee for help, so our site acts as both a product display and sales rep. We've improved the size of our imagery and our new search feature allows you to search by style number, product name, material, or whatever information you have. You'll get meaningful results every time.

Filtered product categories

Not sure what you are looking for exactly, our left rail filters on every category page lets you drill down quickly by collection, category, size, color, size, material, and features. The exact product you need is only a click away. 

Landing pages built around you 

We've given prominent placement to our most popular content, especially the home page. Why? We want you to be able to find what you need faster, whether that's a particular product, category, or size chart. 

  • Top level links to our top selling products
  • Featured product videos now in the works
  • Descriptively named product categories
  • Prominent search bar in the top right corner
  • Customer service contact information on every page
  • Shopping cart link with mini-cart, so you can view it's contents from every page
  • Social validation where it counts. Our brand is built by our users

Useful product pages

We know that you depend on our web content to make purchase decisions. Our content isn't a hard sell, but it does stand in for a knowledgeable sales person, though you can pick up the phone at anytime if you choose. Our product pages all follow the same structure

  • Model numbers 
  • Available sizes
  • Link to size charts
  • Fit characteristics
  • Weight
  • Place of origin
  • Jargon-free descriptions
  • Features
  • Materials
  • Care
  • Multiple product views and details
  • Product-in-use and lifestyle shots when possible
  • User reviews

Functional footers

If you do find yourself stuck, chances are you will find what you are looking for or a link to what you are looking in the footer on every page. We've included a link to just about everything.

  • Contact Us customer service contact information
  • Shop links by collection and category
  • Inside Wild Things links for social validation, our story, press & mentions, and upcoming product launches
  • Customer Service links including sizing guides, how to make bulk purchases, shipping policies, and privacy policies

Simple Checkout

Our new one-page checkout and Customer Accounts feature allows you to enter and save details quickly. Store multiple and preferred shipping addresses to make checkout as fast as possible, then sit back and relax. Your gear is on it's way.