All warranties, exchanges, and/or repairs are only provided to the original owner of the merchandise.  Proof of purchase is required to make a warranty claim.  By law, garments sent in for repair must be clean. Please be sure to wash garments/equipment and remove any personal belongings, if a repair has been approved by Wild Things.  All soiled garments/equipment will be returned and the customer will be responsible for all freight charges.

Please note: Typical turnaround time for most repairs is 6-8 weeks from receipt of merchandise to Wild Things’ facility, but repairs may take longer during times of heavy volume.


Wild Things guarantees the workmanship of our merchandise to be free of manufacturing defects and will accept this type of defective merchandise for repair or replacement only for up to 12 months after the original purchase date and/or upon delivery.

Each electronically submitted Workmanship & Manufacturing Warranty claim will be reviewed by a Wild Things team member.  A decision will be made on a case-by-case basis if a remedy (repair or replacement) will be granted without charge.  Wild Things has the right to deny free repair or free replacement if merchandise defect/failure is due to normal wear and tear, or improper care of the merchandise. Once defective merchandise claim is reviewed and accepted by Wild Things, you will be provided with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number for order processing, as well as a mailing address of which to return the defective merchandise before remedy can be provided.  The following items are required information on the RMA form and a return cannot be processed without all required information:

  • Name;
  • Contact Phone Number;
  • Return address;
  • Military Status (Active, Former, N/A)
  • Proof of Purchase (Receipt);
  • Order Number;
  • Type/model of warranty item;
  • Size (if applicable);
  • Color of the warranty item; and
  • Description of the problem

We recommend you send merchandise to our facility via a carrier who provides tracking, as we are not responsible for packages lost in transit. Wild Things will send a replacement or repair via ground back to you at no cost, though a request for expedited shipping may incur additional fees.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Customer Service Team at the following email address: militarycs@thinknsa.com


We understand that parts (zippers, snaps, etc) can fail on a beloved garment and/or equipment rendering them useless.  Although parts and components are outside of Wild Things’ Workmanship & Manufacturing Warranty, and are considered a part (or component), we would like to help if we can.  We will provide the original customer, with proof of purchase, 1 free part/component repair per item within 12 months of the purchase of the merchandise. 

*Please note that part color/shade may vary from the original merchandise when providing a replacement due to age of the merchandise, natural fading, or discontinuation of a part style or color.  Wild Things will try to replace the part with the exact type and color originally on the merchandise whenever possible.

For all subsequent repairs, or repairs outside of the warranty policy we are proud to offer the repair services of Rainy Pass Repair, Inc, located in Seattle, WA.  They can be contacted directly for repair quotes at 206-397-2598.