A simple, light, Mission Ruck

According to Men's Health Magazine, rucking (walking with a weighted pack on your back) is becoming a fitness movement across the country. For the average guy, a 30-min walk burns roughly 125 calories. Throw a weighted pack on your back and dial that up to 325 calories. That's all well and good if you're in a training camp, but if you're sprinting through the airport to hop your next flight, save your energy with this lightweight ruck from Wild Things.

Designed off the chassis of our Guide Pack, we've stripped out all of the extra weight, removed all of the extra strapping, and simplified the lid system to create a streamlined, ultra-light ruck made to withstand multiple deployments. A simple removable lid, cinch top, center daisy chain, and minimal pack straps allows this thing to roll up into a larger pack when you have to consolidate your gear. Military grade, VX-21 pack fabric means expected Wild Things quality.  

It's not in the website catalog just yet, but we're seeing if we can get this thing priced under $200 and available mid summer.