Soft Shell Pant

$ 816
Size: XL
Color: MultiCam

These soft shell pants are designed to perform. The four-way stretch nylon/spandex blended fabric bonded to hydrophobic polyester fleece moves with the wearer and stretches with every motion. The fabric protects against wind, water, and abrasion. The crotch gusset and articulated knees enhance mobility without adding extra seams or bulk. The belt loops are designed with the fighter in mind, keeping the belt and all of its attached goods in place. Four cargo pockets, two on the thighs and two on the calf, allow extra storage wherever needed. Knife pockets are sewn onto both thigh cargo pockets for easy access. Staggered Velcro® closures on these pockets make it so the whole pocket doesn't have to be opened to get to the knife. The angle on the thigh pockets rolls the stored goods forward, so they are always at hand level. Zippered hems make it simple to pull these pants on over boots, and gripper tape at the hem keeps the pants down and tight around the ankle where they should be.

    Model: 50032 (MultiCam), 60032 (Coyote)
    Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
    Weight: 32 oz
    Berry Amendment Compliant: 100% Made in U.S.A.

    • Heavy weight soft shell fabric bonded to hydrophobic polyester fleece
    • Crotch gusset
    • Articulated knees
    • Two thigh cargo pockets with integrated knife pockets
    • Knife pockets feature staggered Velcro® closures
    • Two calf cargo pockets
    • Zippered hems with gripper tape
    • Genuine MultiCam® pattern
    • Tweave LF544 soft shell fabric
    • Machine wash in cold water
    • Tumble dry on low heat
    • Do not use fabric softener
    • Do not iron

    Soft Shell is available in winter weight providing warmth and four-season protection, making it a great all purpose jacket, or lightweight for warmer operating ranges. Both feature four-way stretch nylon/spandex blended fabric treated with DWR to protect you from the elements. Winter weight shells are bonded to hydrophobic polyester fleece, maintaining the high stretch and memory characteristics of a soft shell, while adding the warmth and comfort of fleece.

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