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Wild Things: Outfitting you with 35 years of outdoor layering experience

  Wild Things has been designing technical apparel for the past 35 years.  Our team is composed of individuals with significant experience in the field in military and recreational activities.  While we exist to sell our excellent products we thought it would be helpful to provide a source of clear information for how to use technical apparel to reduce the impact of weather – temperature, precipitation, wind – on your outdoor activities. 

 Listed below are some sources of information – some we have written ourselves, some we did not.  We hope you find this helpful.  Please feel free to add your own experiences, thoughts and sources of information.  Be sure to check back as we will be adding more internal articles each month!  Stay WILD!

Key sources:

Wild Things Staff Articles



Backpacker Magazine



US Antarctic



University of Alaska, Fairbanks



Recreational Equipment, Inc.

REI is a large national retailer with an excellent and knowledgable staff.  The below guides range from summary overviews to pretty detailed technical pieces.  Very good background information.


Base Layers



Base Layers – How to Choose



Insulated Outerwear



Water Proof Outer Shells



Water Proof Outer Shells – how they work:



How to Care for your Outer Shell



Good General Overview of Winter Camping





New Wild Things Hard Shell SO 1.0 System in 3-Layer GORE-TEX®

For 2015, Wild Things makes the switch from 3-Layer eVent waterproof/breathable fabric to GORE-TEX® Military, Light and Fast, Rain-Rated waterproof/breathable fabric. eVent has served us remarkably well in our Hard Shell SO 1.0 system since inception, however the latest fabric test results, in a side-by-side comparison makes a compelling case for GORE-TEX®. The key data point to note is the Mullens Burst after DEET Exposure and this test suggests that eVent is more prone to contamination, impacting its ability to maintain waterproofness over time.  When you compare GORE-TEX® Light and Fast to eVent, GORE-TEX® wins on weight and durability. GORE-TEX® is significantly lighter weight and more durably waterproof than eVent while sharing similar stiffness and breathability characteristics. 

3-Layer GORE-TEX® and eVent Fabric Comparison

Characteristic Physical Property 3-Layer GORE-TEX® L&F (Rain) 3-Layer eVent Test Method
Comfort Weight (osy) 3.3 5.2 ASTM D-3776
Comfort Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (g/m2/24hr) 13,000 12,800 ISO 15496
Comfort Stiffness (g/in) 227 228 ASTM D-6828
Durable Waterproofness Mullen's Burst (psi) 101 106 ASTM D-751
Durable Waterproofness
Mullen's Burst after DEET Exposure (psi) 88 53 ASTM D-751
Mechanical Strength Breaking Strength 100 (warp)
85 (fill)
175 (warp)
170 (fill)
ASTM D-5034
Mechanical Strength Tear Resistance (kg) 4.4 (warp)
2.8 (fill)
4.9 (warp)
4.0 (fill)
ASTM D-2528


A simple, light, Mission Ruck

According to Men's Health Magazine, rucking (walking with a weighted pack on your back) is becoming a fitness movement across the country. For the average guy, a 30-min walk burns roughly 125 calories. Throw a weighted pack on your back and dial that up to 325 calories. That's all well and good if you're in a training camp, but if you're sprinting through the airport to hop your next flight, save your energy with this lightweight ruck from Wild Things.

Designed off the chassis of our Guide Pack, we've stripped out all of the extra weight, removed all of the extra strapping, and simplified the lid system to create a streamlined, ultra-light ruck made to withstand multiple deployments. A simple removable lid, cinch top, center daisy chain, and minimal pack straps allows this thing to roll up into a larger pack when you have to consolidate your gear. Military grade, VX-21 pack fabric means expected Wild Things quality.  

It's not in the website catalog just yet, but we're seeing if we can get this thing priced under $200 and available mid summer.